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The whole event was led by Tomasz Zjawiony – a professional trend analyst in the fields of broadly understood innovation, design and business.

Tomasz Zjawiony

RIG Katowice

Tomasz Zjawiony – president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, who has to manage companies on the Polish market, create and manage company branches with German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish capital.


Zuzanna Skalska

360 Inspiration Futures Thinking Group

She researches and analyzes signals of change for business, owner of 360 Inspiration, managing partner at Futures Thinking Group. She works closely with company presidents and board members advising them on possible future development scenarios. She lectures at many universities around the world. Co-founder of the School of Form (SWPS).

Inspires leaders and decision-makers to make no compromise innovations by crossing perspectives of multipolar complexity. Her full approach and commitment motivates companies to act immediately.

Tomasz Zalewski


Tomasz Zalewski is a manager in the innovation, discount and subsidy department at KPMG Polska. He has legal education with a specialization in commercial and tax law. Tomasz specializes in obtaining EU subsidies, rendering research and development / innovation services, and providing tax consultancy services related to the day-to-day operations of enterprises. During his career Tomasz worked in many consulting companies.

For the first time in the history of humanity, technician and technology are developing an exponential way, the consequence of which is the faster implementation of innovation.

Marcin Wilk

The Silesian Development Fund

President of the Management Board of the Silesian Development Fund. Earlier, as a manager in business, he supervised the finance and accounting department as well as consultancy services provided to SMEs. He managed projects related to innovation, cooperation with research units and building an international network of business development support. He has many years of experience in the banking sector, where he dealt with planning and organizing projects as well as controlling the correct implementation of business line tasks.

The mission of the ŚFR is to support and improve conditions for the development of entrepreneurship through the use of financial instruments to strengthen companies’ capital and to facilitate access to financing of investment projects.

Bartłomiej Małota


Responsible for the FinTech, Startup and Compiliance areas. He is an expert in the field of regulations regarding payment services and regulations related to counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing. For nearly a decade, he has been dealing with business entities.

Experienced in conducting proceedings before the President of the National Bank of Poland and the Chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in matters concerning Financial Institutions, including entities listed on the regulated market and the alternative market. He also specializes in issues related to bond issues.

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